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Character Design + Book Illustrations

Little Miss Mowi is a children's book character. The project includes a three-page extract with illustrations from

Little Miss Mowi - Lost in the Woods.

Little Miss Mowi

Lost in the Woods

Little Miss Mowi is a teenage house cat who has never been outdoors, let alone to the woods. She has been dreaming about going on an adventure since the day she was born and when her human parents forgets to close the window before leaving for work, Little Miss Mowi decides that it is time to fulfill her dream!

Little Miss Mowi - Illustration

Clueless about how big the woods were, Little Miss Mowi was exhausted from walking all day. The most exercise she had ever gotten was climbing up the stairs to the second floor in her house.


She spotted a nice tree and fell asleep on the closest branch she could reach.

When Little Miss Mowi woke up the next morning she had forgotten where she was.


She sat down with a helpless look on her face wishing her mom would have been wrong when she told her "the woods is not a place for a house cat".

Little Miss Mowi - Illustration
Little Miss Mowi - Illustration

Little Miss Mowi decided to keep walking. She walked and she walked for what felt like hours until she finally found someone to ask for help. Hopefully the yellow beautiful butterfly could point her in the right direction...