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FIU Theatre

2018/19 - 2019/20 Season

I started designing posters for FIU Theatre in the Spring of 2018, and officially joined the creative team as a Graphic Design Intern in the Fall of 2018. Read more about my time as an Intern here


Photo by Ivan R. Lopez

My Internship with FIU Theatre

I officially joined FIU Theatre as a graphic design intern in Fall 2018 after I had been designing theatre posters for the 2018/19 Season in the Spring. The more involved i got, the more responsibility I was given. I went from illustrating posters to designing all the additional material and graphics needed for each production. This included postcards, floor graphics, pop-up banners, bookmarks, buttons/pins, digital graphics, and programs.

Since there were several productions each season, it was an ongoing process. Behind each production there is a hardworking team of students, directors, and professors involved in the making of a theatrical performance, which meant that I had to deliver as expected and keep deadlines no matter what. I learned to work and create under pressure and to listen to and understand client needs while keeping. It was fun and challenging and it helped me grow as a designer. It taught me to be patient and professional as each design had to go through many stages of approval.

It was the first time that my work was sent to print on such a large scale, and it kept me mindful of creating designs that would come out looking as good in print as it did digitally.

Summary of Experience

Theatre posters, illustrations, postcards, floor graphics, pins/buttons, playbills, Social media graphics, logos, bookmarks, pop-up banners, photo editing, shirt design.

Nathalie Sandin & Silvia Pease

Measure for Measure: Poster @ FIU MMC

Boeing Boeing: Poster @ FIU MMC

2019-20 Season | theatre.fiu.edu