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The Suicide

by Nikolai Erdman

directed by Wayne E. Robinson, Jr.

Poor Semyon. No skills. No comrades. No reason to live. So why not tell off Stalin? A sharp satiric comedy hated by totalitarian dictators around the world.


The Suicide Postcard (front)
The Suicide - Postcard (back)


The Suicide - Poster


Each poster has all of the following formats:

Original poster 11x17"

Postcard 4x6"

Floor graphic 36x36"

Floor graphic 24x36"

Digital display 1920x1080 px

Facebook banner

Instagram graphic 1080x1080 px

Button/Pin 1 1/2"

..and is also included in the following:

Bookmark 2x8" / 2x10"

Pop-up banner 31.25x78"